How We Work

We sell electricity just like your utility.

Gen110 offers a program that provides a cost-effective, alternative way to purchase residential electricity and protects homeowners from on-going utility rate hikes. If a home qualifies, it receives a free upgrade to cheaper onsite power. Our customers enjoy the benefits of homemade electricity without the cost of upgrades and maintenance.

Together with financing partners, Gen110 is one of the largest distributed energy companies in California by number of customers. We’re dedicated to freeing customers from total dependence on traditional utility companies.

Unlike your utility, we place our power plants on our customers’ roofs, not in a faraway desert. Since most rate hikes are caused by the high cost of transporting power, our “onsite” approach keeps our costs low and saves you money. So how do we make money? We earn a profit on the electricity we sell. This allows us to provide you the benefits of making your own electricity, without the upfront costs.

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